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From my personal experience of the two years as a home business website operator as well as the owner, I have spent enough time learning and unlearning. Observing other sites and constantly reading and submit the online forums about managing a website.

Having a website is all about being able to draw targeted traffic to your site. The more traffic betters the better sales commission. This is the ultimate goal of all behind running a home business website !!

Striking a balance is the key – understanding visitor’s psyche & the algorithm the spiders follow. Here we will discuss some important points psyche visitor; we will concentrate on the home page only considering it is the first impression. Home is also called index.

Point 1. uncluttered home page is the most important criteria of all. Let home be clean, simply formatted with readable font and suitable background. Discuss all these factors. Unusual fonts, however attractive, should be avoided to play safe.

Point 2. You should make sure you do not fill up your home with all and sundry affiliate links. Google will, in all possibilities not rank the site as well as you want it or expect it to. Google value content. Let homepage with information about the main theme of the site. Try to cover as many aspects or points related to the main theme on the cover. This way you will attract targeted traffic and move up the search engines faster. Google will visit your site more often

Point No.3 Keep the visitor in mind :. While you are designing your home page or writing content for it, keep your visitors in mind. His background, his interest, his benefit. Instead of designing abilities, command over the language and so on. Check other websites from the perspective of a player’s point of view and see what kind of stuff keeps your interest. Apply the same principal for your own.

Point No 4. Body copy of the home page should sound easy and interesting to read. Headline, your punch line – everything should have an impact. At the same time – do not exaggerate. Do not lie. Do not over emphasized. A chunk of people still look at any business done online as a scam. Be simple but compelling.

Point No.5. Let your home clear paths cut. If your main theme is fitness let the pages directly connected to your homepage directly related to fitness. Like Diets, aerobics, fitness chart, yoga etc but when visitor clicks on diet – This new site, along with information on aerobics, you can have a link that is talking about something else – to do aerobics at home. It is connected and yet sort of diversifies. But you must be careful. Above this will spoil the main theme. This will affect SE rankings

Besides the above – here are some quick tips :. Do not change your home too often. Neither the layout, design nor the key phrases you are optimizing it for. While exchanging links, make sure the anchors contain your main keyword. Optimize one keyword per page. Googlebot treats each page is a separate website. So try to take time with each page. Let each page be well optimized, interesting and informative and complete in all respects.


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