Do not use your address or PO Box for business


There is such a stigma associated with using residential address or mailbox address of the company. Many consumers see the use of home address as a sign that you are new in the business and the business is not successful. While this may be far from the truth, consumers will note when they see your email address and decide to call you and give you no opportunity to explain why you operate your business out of the house. In order to combat this, many business owners prefer to go PO Box route. However, the PO Boxes have their own prejudices. Many consumers see companies that use PO Boxes as “fly-by-night” companies that can leave town at the drop of a hat and that they may never be able to get hold of one of their job is done. Some ways around this are:

Rent a small space within the office client, friend, partner, vendor. In addition to giving you a consumer-friendly address to use, situations like this can also open up opportunities for more referrals because of the traffic that company your landlord is bringing past the door every day.

Renting office or mailbox Virtual Office such as HQ Global, Regus or Intelligent Office. In addition to the e-mail / mailing address options, most of these virtual offices offer the use of a conference room, receptionist and office space as your business grows

Renting a mailbox at a UPS Store or Mailboxes, etc. While this is nothing but a “PO Box” located UPS Store location on the post office, it does give you a user-friendly business address

Have you ever lost business or had any bad experiences with the Home Address or PO Box as business address? Share your story in the comments section below.


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