Chinese and Home Based Business


A few days ago, a letter came to the house from school sons. They were writing to inform me of their intention to introduce the Language Immersion program at the kindergarten. . Five-year-old will be taught entirely in Chinese for half the school day

Needless to say, I was very excited; Isaiah my child will start kindergarten in the fall. Here in Florida begins in the fall semester in late August. We are the first elementary school in the entire state to offer Chinese as immersion language.

Why immersion?

“Immersion programs are the fastest growing and most effective type of foreign language program offered in US schools. Most immersion students are expected to achieve higher levels of second language skills than students in other school-based language programs.

Becoming bilingual opens the door to communicate with more people in more places, and more parents want to provide children with the skills to communicate competently in an increasingly interdependent world community. “-Eric Digest

Why Chinese?

“Earlier this year Rep.Rush Holt New Jersey introduced legislation calling for increased funding of programs for common sense.” Of economics, culture and security to have better facilities to the Chinese languages ​​and dialects, “he says.

The State Department has designated China a” critical language “but the latest figures show that only 24,000 students in grades 7 to 12 study Chinese, a language spoken by 1.3 billion people around the world. -Newsweek … World News

school administration held an informational meeting last Thursday for parents who are interested in their journey in both program . As the program requirements were presented to us, I heard depressed groans and looked around the room at sea disappointed face.

You see, the program requires a family commitment. We parents need to be fully engaged and learn the language also! How else will be able to help our children with homework? This was something none of us had taken into account.

The vast majority of parents in attendance are two income families work outside the home and can not possibly take advantage of the awesome opportunity of free lessons offered by the school twice a week.

Even their faces prevailed over, I felt a huge smile burst upon me. Because of my decision to start building a home based business and action steps I took to fully automate said company I enjoy freedom in my life.

I enjoy the freedom that 95% of parents can not. I can sit in the classroom of my son all day if I so desire. My company affords me the freedom to do everything with my sons … including learning Mandarin Chinese!


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